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Climate change is a serious environmental, social and economic global challenge. The climate change impacts such as variations in temperature, intense floods, and alarming droughts have become frequent. The impacts are more concerned in south Asia due to varied geological, geomorphological, meteorological, sociological and cultural aspects. There is an ardent need to plan and adopt strategies to mitigate the impacts on natural system for well-being of the ever-growing population. Climate-smart agriculture seeks to achieve short-term and long-term agricultural development priorities by resorting to climate resilient practices using Technological advances. This necessitates elaborate discussions on the issues concerned and to arrive at plausible solutions.

This international conference will therefore focus on integration of issues and solutions from earth science, environment science & engineering and also social sciences disciplines for smart-agriculture strategies. This conference will bring together experts from all over the world and deliberate on the state of art. This conference shall also take stock of best practices concerning climate-smart agriculture leading to promising solutions and path breaking technology transfer prospects. Besides, the conference shall facilitate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives for farmers and communities around themes of sustainable livelihood.

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Conference Theme:
Climate Change: Impact and Adaptation Assessment, Mitigation, Drought/Flood Prediction and Resilience, Disaster Management, Geological and geophysical proxies.
Water Resources: Modeling and Management, Irrigation , Nutrient-Cycling, Hydrology, Hydraulics, Water Technology, Ecological Design, Food-Water-Energy Nexus, Environmental and Geographical Concerns.
Agriculture: Modeling and Management, Soil and Pest Management, Impact of nuclear radiation, Organic farming, New and Improved Crops, Urban Farming, and Agro-Technology.
Technical Leapfrogging: Mechanization, Renewable Energy, Bio/Nano-technology, Pollution Prevention and Remediation, Informatics, Geospatial Analysis, and Remote Sensing.
Livelihood and Sustainability: Health, Environmental Justice, Inclusiveness across Gender and Marginalized groups, Community Governance, Civil Society and NGO Roles.

The conference offers an interdisciplinary platform to Technocrats, Scientists, Government Officials and Development Workers (non-profit and for-profit Enterprises) to learn and discuss promising new approaches for integrating Science, Technology, Policy, and Action.